Prayer Walks

There is a great range of possibilities when it comes to prayer during a tour to the ancient Biblical sites. Some prayer walkers would be happy to visit the ruins, read the applicable Scriptures, say a prayer there and then return home greatly blessed, and with a desire to pray for Turkey. Others would visit Turkey to pray specifically in different areas of the country and be more focused about the details of their prayers; i.e., for governmental authorities, known spiritual strongholds, and individuals they have met. While they may enjoy some of the Biblical sites as they explore the places our Christian forefathers roamed, their primary purpose would be to pray against the principalities and powers that work against God’s work in this land where believers were first called Christians.(Acts 11:26).

Rainbow Tour Turkey has worked with many groups and individuals who have had wonderful experiences and renewals of their faith while following in the footsteps of Paul, John, Timothy, Abraham, and Noah. They also are blessed by what they see today inThe Lost Land of the Bible as the Lord rekindles the lampstands that were previously removed.

Rainbow Tour Turkey wants to be part of God’s plan for Turkey. We open our hearts to you and say, “There is room for you in the Inn!” Come, bless and be blessed. We have some resources and references on conducting prayer walks and longer prayer journeys, and therefore can assist you in helping turn your desires into reality.