Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We can arrange for combination tours to Israel, Greece, Jordan, Italy and other countries in conjunction with a tour to Turkey.

Usually spring (April, May and June) and fall (Sep, Oct, Nov) are the best times weather-wise. However, the Western region enjoys sunny weather and pleasant temperatures most of the year. During the off season (November to March) prices are generally less expensive.

Prices will be provided on request based on size of group, season, type of hotel (5-star, 4-star, etc.) desired, and proposed tour itinerary.

Very few, however we employ Biblically knowledgeable, professional guides, who flexibly work with group leaders and pastors.

Absolutely! Turkey is an extremely safe country to visit, especially for tourists. Turks are very proud people, who welcome visitors, and are honored to see foreigners exploring their land. All visitors are special guests and are treated like royalty. Crime is low compared to most countries, and the Ministry of the Interior has established a special squad of Police that are assigned to the major tourist areas. In Izmir, woman may walk down the street at night without any problems at all. We believe that Turkey in general is safer than most any other country in the region.

No. It is not recommended as the rates change often and you can get just enough money changed each day. See comments under Currency in the General Information page.

There is no limitation per se, but a group size of 6 is recommended for a small group. This number helps to reduce the shared costs like transportation, guide and driver fees, and 6 is a good size that fits into our vans. For larger groups, break points in creating a group would occur at 20-24, 25-29, 30-35 that are easily accommodated in our larger vehicles. If a church or anyone wants to consider sending larger groups like 50 to 100, then we would determine the group sizing accordingly

Payments are requested to be made via bank transfer. The banks that we work with all have affiliations with some of the major banks in the USA. We also receive payments with credit cards.

Yes. We offer tour leaders special benefits for organizing and leading tours based on group sizes and other factors. For more specific information on this contact us.

Yes, we specialize in conference logistics for groups ranging in size from twenty to over a thousand. For more information, please see the Conferences page.

Very few, however we employ Biblically knowledgeable, professional guides, who flexibly work with group leaders and pastors.

Yes. We can arrange for you to rest and relax at one of many wonderful hotels or resorts, or take a Blue Cruise on the Aegean or Mediterranean Seas. This is a great way to top off your trip to Turkey.